Industrial companies considering their complexity, must have tools allowing them to control their activities.

Real estate and construction

Accounting for the real estate’s management.

Traders and service companies

The commercial professions (traders) constitute our core business.

Between the certified accountant and his client, privileged relations are tied which are often the result of isolation from multiple problems that arise and for which the entrepreneur is not prepared.

The certified accountant shares the concerns of his client and expresses an opinion without ever taking his place. This is what worth him the role of privileged interlocutor that no one can challenge.

First in the process of creation or takeover, then as far as the company grows, traders find in our offices the listening and the support they need. It is here that the traditional missions of the certified accountant find all their usefulness.

By controlling the accounts, processing salaries, tax liabilities, the company provides security allowing it to devote themselves fully to their job. But beyond that, it is an advice of an expert who knows your business well.

What legal structure to adopt? Can I invest?  What social status should I choose for my wife? Is my business profitable enough compared to my colleagues? How to optimize my taxes?  How to sell and how much? Will I have a sufficient retirement? These are numerous questions that mark your professional career of trader and to which you will never be alone to answer.

    Liberal professions

    Liberal professions constitute a sector of activity with many characteristic features as much legal as accounting or fiscal. Our company provides you with assistance throughout the liberal professional activity regardless its mode of practice.

    The expectations of a liberal profession in accounting and services:

    • To delegate administrative and reporting obligations
    • To optimize your personal and professional assets
    • Optimization and tax outsourcing
    • Examination of the perspective of activity takeover/transmission
    • Support for the development of your legal structure
    • Implementation of social security system and adapted retirement system
    • Modes of professional investments financing
    • Delegation of social and fiscal obligations
    • Control and establishment of the accounting and company or agency management
    • Cash management


    Public services

    We accompany you for the procedure during the transition to MCH2.

    In addition to a greater harmonization, the MCH2 also aims to improve the transparency of financial information, to present public accounts in a more coherent manner, to move towards accounting principles applied and recognized on an international standards, and to meet the requirements of financial statistics.

    Compared to the current model from 1981, the MCH2 has the following main new features:

    • Standardized accounting principles that reflect the real situation of property, finances and outcome as truly as possible
    • Extended concept of annual accounts close to that used by the private economy (balance sheet, cash flow statements and appendices)
    • Progressive presentation of the income statement at 3 levels: result of current activities, extraordinary operations, final results.
    • Liabilities balance distinction between external capital and internal capital with detailed presentation of the equity of which special financing will be an integral part
    • Activation threshold for investments in administrative assets set according to criteria of importance specific to each community
    • Application of utility duration as a basis for depreciation of fixed administrative assets
    • Periodic evaluations of financial property at their fair value.
    • Consolidation perimeter and criteria from which consolidated accounts are mandatory.
    • More detailed and consistent chart of accounts for all Swiss communities
    • Functional classification compatible with the COFOG nomenclature (Classification of Functions of Government)

    Besides these binding rules, there are still several possible options including the possibility of creating reserves via additional depreciation or via allocation to pre-financing or the possibility of reassessment of administrative assets at economic value during the transition to MCH2.

    In its manual of 2008, CDF recommends implementation of MCH2 within 10 years or by the year of 2018 – 2019.

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    Health professions

    Are you looking for a certified accountant, a medical specialist? Our fiduciary (member of FMH Fiduciary) supports and advises professionals who exercise the same activity as you. We allow these professionals to absolve themselves from all accounting, fiscal and legal responsibilities, to devote themselves fully to their activity.

    We believe that the understanding of our clients business constitutes the foundation of any successful collaboration, that is why we are specialized in medical activity.

    This specialization has allowed us on one hand to know the challenges that you are facing and on the other hand to offer you tailor-made services, specifically designed for you.

    If you are interested in finding an available, reliable, and competent accountant in your sector of activity, we invite you to contact us.

    Tell us about your needs, we will bring you solutions.

    We offer you the following services:

    • Opening of the office
    • Management of the office
    • Group practice
    • Transfer of the office
    • Review of statutory accounts
    • REKOLE Audit
    • Creation of public company or limited liability company
    • Shareholders agreement