Risk management

Any entrepreneurial activity inevitably implies exposure to risks. Successful entrepreneurs are not however satisfied with acknowledging the existence of these risks but strive to manage them. Managing risks firstly involves acting preventively and secondly to provide adequate measures in the event of their occurrence.

Table of risks classification and qualification

We can assist you to identify, evaluate and classify risks (whether they are natural, voluntary, accidental, indirect) and then study management strategies (in financial, provisional, productive, and social issues) to prevent these risks.

    Corporate governance

    Business management must be based on a well-adapted management structure in order to enhance the transparency of decision-making process. Managerial responsibility is to ensure a sustainable development of your company.

    That is why HLS & Partner SA proposes to improve the management system of your company according to its size and complexity.

      Establishment of Business Plan

      Many future entrepreneurs have ideas. To move from these initial ideas to their concrete realization, we must organize them and analyze the restrictions and consequences at all levels.

       Contrary to what we often hear, a business plan is not only a financial projection, it allows to formalize, study and present a business idea. It serves as much to organize its own thought as to present it to third parties, capable to adhere to it or even invest in it.

      • Business plan for start-ups without history (business resumption or strategy change)
      • Business plan for start-ups with history or existing market

      It is often difficult to clearly express an idea that inspires us. Support from an emotionally neutral third party, allows to direct the flow of ideas and to express them in an understandable way for those who must be convinced.

       Our role is not to prepare your business plans. Your duty is to compose them clearly. Our task, however, is to guide and assist you to try to identify and study all the possible consequences of your business plans and afterwards put them on paper as clear and accessible as possible.

        Merger and acquisition – M&A

        Even before considering external growth, companies must first think of a development strategy that supposes to determine strategic objectives at the development stage. Secondly, it is necessary to know whether these objectives can be achieved through M&A operations. It is indispensable to understand the market opportunities, to align the management of the company for the benefit of restructuring operations.

        • To develop your business in Switzerland or abroad
        • To change the shareholding of your company

        We accompany you in these processes by imitating the financial, liquidity, taxation and organizational impacts. We realize for you a (due diligence seller) DDS or DDB (due diligence buyer) to make your future project successful.

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